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Human resource strategy:

One, enterprise is the tree, culture is the root, talent is this.

Two, cause to attract talent, to retain talent.

Three, for the staff to create well-being is one of the company is tenet.

Four, pay attention to staff development and training, making career planning for employees, the realization of human resources value.

Training system:

One, the training principles: (1) training is training culture (2) is the welfare (3) entered into an agreement.

Two, training methods: internal training, external training, training abroad.

Three, the training content: (1) the new staff induction training (2) employee occupation ability development (3) (4) the development of reserve managers occupation development manager


A, compensation principles

(a) transparent principle and ability to reflect the principle of fairness.

(two) the legitimacy principle and importance principle of talents.

(three) the salary growth and corporate growth consistent principle.

(four) in line with the company strategic planning principles.

Two, the compensation strategy

(a) take public compensation strategy, increase the competitiveness among the staff.

(two) is higher than the competitor is compensation level, attract and retain the best employees.

(three) the establishment of the incentive fund to adjust the management layer.

(four) the implementation of equity incentive to senior managers and key technicians.


One, according to the provisions of the state to the official staff for the social insurance and housing fund.

Two, the official staff contract management group accidental injury insurance.

Three, provides for formal employee birthday gift.

Four, to give each marriage marriage staff congratulation.

Five, national holidays paid holiday fee or welfare.


Recruitment principles: (1) the principle of fair competition (2) (3) the only principle and principle