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Hunan Yiyang oyee Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional electrolytic capacitor production of high-quality aluminum company, founded in August 1995. It is located in the scenic city.

The company covers an area of 15 thousand square meters, construction area of 10 thousand square meters, the company has 350 employees. It has 50 advanced automatic production line, 100 million per month, hired many polymer professionals, has become a collection of scientific research, development, production and integration of high-tech modern production enterprises, the production of oyee brand aluminum electrolytic capacitor product quality reach the international advanced level of similar products.

The dynamic analysis and research on the working environment of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for high-power electronic devices such as LED drive power supply, energy saving lamp, rectifier, power switch and so on have been successfully developed to ensure high temperature resistance, high frequency ripple, Life and stability of the series of electrolytes, the company developed the four series of products: 1, CD11GH-105 degrees 6000H / 130 degrees 2000H series; 2, CD11GE-105 degrees 10000H / 130 degrees 8000H series; 3, CD11GA-105 degrees 12000H / 130 degrees 5000H series; 4, CD263-105 degrees 10000H. Similarly, the company through the aluminum electrolytic capacitor itself, the equivalent circuit simulation and ESR research, has developed a set of advanced design documents and process files, focus on cultivating better technical and quality teams to achieve the core technology and control procedures combined , For the production of high quality to provide protection!

The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, the product through the green certification, we "practical action, to achieve zero defect" as the goal, "integrity, quality, innovation, service" business philosophy, manufacturing first-class products.

Thanks for years and oyee side by side with partners! Welcome to the new cooperation with oyee friends!